Jul 8, 2010

# Sweet Treats


Lose yourself in mmm mouth watering kalakhand recipe straight from my mom's kitchen.
Milk-2 ltrs
Powdered sugar-1/2 cup to 3/4 th cup
Condensed milk-3 tbsps(optional)
Ghee-1/4 th cup or else reduce it to 3 tbsps
Nuts(chopped pistachios,almonds,cashews n anjeer)-handful
Citric acid-1/2 tsp in 1/2 cup of water
Boil 1 ltr of milk in a vessel till it reduces to half.As it comes to boil add citric acid solution.It curdles,off the flame and sieve this mixture using a muslin cloth and squeeze out excess water. Press it against hard weight.Leave it aside.This is called Chenna.Now boil the remaining 1 ltr of milk in another vessel.Boil until it is reduced to half.Add the above prepared chenna and stir this mixture continuously.Allow it to thicken.Now add powdered sugar,chopped nuts and ghee.Mix all the ingredients well and then finally add condensed milk and mix.Transfer the contents on a plate greased with ghee.Spread it.Garnish with nuts and allow it to cool.Cut them into desired shapes.
NOTE-If you are using both sugar n condensed milk then use 1/2 cup of sugar and 3-4 tbsps of condensed milk.If you are using only sugar then you can use it as per your taste say 3/4 th cup to 1 cup.If you are using only condensed milk then u can use 200gms tin as it is.Adjust sweet as per your requirement.


  1. Hi Chaitra
    Dessert looks yummy !
    I have sent you my details

  2. slurrrp, looks very yummy, i can have sweets anytime.. love the clicks..

  3. nice recipe chaitra..kalakand are my hubby's favorite..will try out some day.

  4. Delicious burfi..love it..

  5. Beautiful and delicious milk burfi, if i do this, i cant stop myself having them..love it that much..

  6. Beautiful color of kalakand dear, it's my mom's favorite too :)

  7. I have never made barfi in this way sounds wonderful.

  8. Looks so yum...now I feel like eating this :(

  9. we are sorry, we are unable to process your request now-so I don't know my previous comment was posted or not...anyways kalakhand looks delicious....

  10. Mouthwatering... I am loving it..

  11. i too love this sweet.looks so tempting

  12. Hi Chaitra,
    Sometimes when I try to post a comment I get the message from google "Unable to process your request now, please try later". It's not just with your blog, it happens with other blogs too. I don't know if others also have the same issue. I don't think you need to be worried about it.


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